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You Sleep as You Eat

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Carbohydrates or “carbs“ are the 2010s of fats. In the 2000s and prior it was about avoiding fat in the diet. Now, it’s carbs. 
Some studies have shown that  people who cut out the “carbs” tend to sleep better.
And sleep is a critical component of our overall health and immunity.
But there are different types of carbs, ones that spike our blood sugar very quickly and others more slowly.
A measure of how fast our blood sugar rises after eating food is called the glycemic index.
A recent study looked at carbohydrates that scored high on the glycemic index, meaning a rapid rise in blood sugar, and compared it to low glycemic carbohydrates and sleep quality.
The results bring more clarity to healthy eating.
Women who consumed a low glycemic index diet were less likely to have sleeplessness.
A high glycemic index diet increased the likelihood of sleeplessness.
High glycemic foods include added sugars, starches, refined grains, and juices.
It’s a new perspective. We know we should eat to live, but now we should also eat to sleep.