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What to expect after breast augmentation

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After any surgery you will see and feel things that will concern you. Most of the time these are to be expected and are a normal part of the healing process. Breast augmentation is no different.
Although it is impossible to predict everything you will experience after breast augmentation, there are a few common occurrences that if you know about before surgery your recovery will be less stressful.
SWELLING: after surgery your breast will swell giving them a particularly full oftentimes over done appearance in the upper part. This is particularly true if implants are placed under the muscle. The swelling is usually more on one side then the other. Swelling starts to get better by 2 weeks but it takes 2 months for most of it to go away.
PAIN: The amount of pain experienced after breast augmentation is variable. Most will feel tightness in their chest and soreness when using there arms and often don’t need narcotic pain medications. A few will have more significant pain requiring narcotic pain meds and some will have no pain at all. It is not unusual for one breast to hurt more then the other and it is not typically indicative of a problem.
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SQUEAKING SOUND: for the 2-3 weeks after surgery you may hear a squeaking sound coming from your breasts or feel the sensation of fluid moving around you implant. This is caused by a combination of fluid (produced by your body) around the implant after surgery and a small amount of air that remains around the implant after it is placed. Don’t worry, the fluid and air will be reabsorbed in a few weeks and you won’t be burdened long term by a noisy breast.
These are all things that patients will experience after surgery. They will occur to varying degrees from patient to patient and breast to breast. Knowing about them before surgery can make your recovery less stressful when you start to experience them.