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What's the pancreas all about?

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The pancreas is located behind the stomach and works silently behind the scenes as a vital part to the digestive system.
It helps digest food and controls blood sugar
There are two main functions of the pancreas
One is to secrete enzymes that help digest food like lipase, amylase and trypsin. Lipase helps digest fats. Amylase helps to breakdown carbohydrates while trypsin works on proteins.
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The second function of the pancreas is to regulate your body’s sugar. It does this by secreting insulin and glucagon into the bloodstream. Insulin lowers the glucose while glucagon increases it.
Balancing your glucose in a normal range is very important to the proper function of your entire body, especially your nervous and cardiovascular systems.
Keeping your pancreas healthy is vital to your overall health. Maintaining a diet low in fats, staying fit, not drinking too much alcohol or using tobacco and getting regular exercise will help prevent problems with your pancreas
The pancreas is a crucial organ system and keeping it healthy will help keep your body functioning strong and contribute to your overall wellness. Please talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about your health.