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About Us: Health Answers by Experts

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Nearly all of us are online, and with it we have new problems - information overload and misinformation. 
That’s why, at Agordia, we provide one place to ask for answers and follow health experts. Health experts include physicians and other healthcare providers such as nurse practitioners, therapists and scientists. 
But it’s hard for non-experts to judge...who’s credible, who to go to for care, and what’s safe. 
That’s why Agordia has stores for health experts. It’s an online profile with health answers. With peer ratings added, it tells the rest of us who the experts think is credible. It’s a new way to find and trust in health information. 
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Stores also include what the expert says they’re particularly good at...rare procedures, unique skills, and specific expertise. 
Understanding health topics should be easier.  eBytes are the “just tell me what I need to know” answer. eBytes are microbooks, readable in a few minutes or less.                                                           
Each Expert Store has eBytes on health topics, selected by the expert. (You’re reading an eByte right now!)
So many times, after learning something health related…we’re left with more questions. It can be tedious to find the answers, leaving us to search website after website. 
That’s why, at, you can request any health related topic for an expert to respond to - and get an eByte answer in return. 
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Pay it forward. Since eBytes are public and shareable, any answered eByte request benefits  anyone else with the same question. 
Agordia is connecting health in a new way. It’s consumers asking and experts answering - for every one.  Agordia One Health Place.