Dr. Christine SmithFamily Medicine

What is it bipolar disorder?

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Do I have bipolar disorder?  Bipolar disorder is more than just moodiness.  It is a mood problem that may make you depressed (low mood) or "manic"(high or elevated mood).
Many people are treated for other conditions such as anxiety and depression prior to an appropriate diagnosis.  The key is the "whole picture".  Every patient has different symptoms.
Any physician can make the diagnosis, but psychiatrists have the most expertise.  Sometimes a MDQ or Mood disorder questionnaire may be given.
Often anti-depressant medications are not effective because bipolar patients need a "mood stabilizer" medication along with them.  The main goals with therapy are better sleep and better function in stressful situations.
Exercise, healthy diet (higher protein), routine and sometimes counseling to help with stress management can help as well.
There is hope for bipolar patients.  It all revolves around finding the right treatment, the right doctor, all tailored to YOUR NEEDS.