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To eat or not to eat isn’t the question… It’s when

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We are what we eat. It’s a concept that most understand. What we eat affects our health.
There’s no shortage of diet approaches touted in books, online, television, and magazines. 
And now there’s growing interest in a new diet approach. It’s the concept of not eating, otherwise known as fasting. But rather than not eating at all, it’s a concept of eating only during limited hours. 
It goes by different names and can be called the fasting mimicking diet or intermittent fasting. The intent is clear, give every day people the health benefits and improved aging associated with strict fasting...
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but can be more easily applied to every day life.  It involves not eating for 12 hours or more each day, leaving the remaining 12 hours (or less) for typical meals. 
But what are the specific, expected health benefits? Agordia wanted to know. So, here is the simple short summary. 
It results in weight loss from: total body fat, trunk fat (belly and hips), and lean body mass (includes muscle) as well as a smaller waist size. 
Blood pressure, blood sugar, triglycerides, and total cholesterol decrease in those people who have unhealthy levels. 
And a biomarker that increases the risk for cancer, IGF-1, also decreases in those people who have pre-existing, elevated levels. 
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as well as C Reactive Protein, an important biomarker of inflammation associated with many chronic diseases of aging. Again, in those people who already have elevated levels. 
These benefits do not require every day intermittent fasting. One important study showed benefits from intermittent fasting just five days a week, leaving the weekends unchanged. 
If you have elevated levels of markers for aging and chronic disease, intermittent fasting of 12 or more hours a day, for most days of the week, can restore these markers back to normal, and healthier levels...
Provided it’s followed for a few months.