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The physicians' state of affairs has changed. Yet, physicians should be the cornerstone of healthcare.  This takes a fresh and atypical approach. It starts with capturing and building your online presence to grow your online value.

Changing the status quo

As a physician, you already have online presence and value, but the revenue goes to third parties. Instead, it should go to you. And if your online value should grow, the revenue should also go to you.
Agordia has 4 FREE "power tools" to accomplish this - using an app and websites. 

STORE — an ocean of information

1. Physician Store – your online profile in – It's our alternative to typical online reviews which can be unfair to physicians, leaving them without a voice. It is unique, containing your strengths, skills, reviews, and surveys.
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SCORE — build your search rank

2. StoreScore – just as Google used PageRank algorithms to organize internet search results, Agordia uses StoreScore algorithms to give you store search rank. You build scores.


There are nearly 1 million Internet searches for physicians every day. That has value that should be going to you.

STORY — online health content

3. eBytes 'stories' – simplified, short articles you create on health-related topics & questions, hot topics, or other things you find important, you are reading an eByte right now!

You choose

Published to your store for patient focused education or to the Agordia Store Network for public focused information, using the Agordia Publisher.

Online value pays

Just as YouTube monetizes videos for broadcasters, Agordia monetizes eBytes for physician authors through our physician royalty program.
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There are around 13 million Internet searches for online health information every day. That has value that can be going to you.

Connecting iPhone, iPad users

4. medXchat – free HIPAA compliant messaging for providers and staff – enabling you and your staff to have compliant communication and collaboration with any other provider and their team, regardless of where they work.

Restoring & Building - phase 1

It is all done with a combination of the AgordiaMD app for iPhone/iPad, (website for providers), and (website for patients and public).