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Size matters, for air pollution and depression

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Depression disorder is associated with other diseases including cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
And air pollution exposure may be linked to depression as well as stress and anxiety.
There may also be implications of air pollution exposure and autism spectrum disorders, neuro development in children, and different neuro degenerative diseases, as well as stroke.
Air pollution may cause these problems because of oxidative stress and neuro inflammation. 
But recent research brings light to air pollution.
It’s not the air pollution per say that is associated with this harm. Rather, it’s the size of the particles in the air that is associated with these health problems.
It appears that only the very tiny particulates (2.5 micrometer) in the air pollution might be causing this harm. 
If you’re concerned and you live in a high pollution area, then using air filters or masks designed for these very small particles can help.