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Reservations with Resveratrol

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Touted as the magic ingredient in the elixir red wine, Resveratrol has become a household name and appeared in over 20,000 research papers.
This includes 130 human clinical trials. So, this particular molecule has received a tremendous amount of attention.
Yet all of these studies have led to many contradictory results.
Research with resveratrol has positively covered neuronal diseases, diabetes, exercise performance, colon cancer, and skin cancer. 
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Resveratrol maybe promising for the treatment of Neuronal diseases which involve...
nerve pain, sensation,  degeneration,  conduction velocity, nerve blood flow, memory impairment, anxiety, and neuro inflammation.
Resveratrol can be effective as an anti-carcinogen against colorectal cancers. 
Exercise performance adaptations are improved with higher doses of resveratrol  but impaired with lower doses.
In the skin, resveratrol has decreased tumor size, provided an antioxidant effect, and delayed the onset of skin tumors.
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Resveratrol has a strong safety profile, even when people take high daily doses. 
A glass of red wine contains very little and is a poor source for resveratrol.