Dr. Radha IyengarBreast Surgery

Preoperative preparation

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In general, no eating or drinking eight hours prior to surgery but you can have water up until four hours prior to surgery.  Don’t wear any jewelry or bring anything valuable with you on the day of surgery.
Make sure you have someone you trust to drive you to and from surgery. If possible, have someone stay with you the first night you are home after surgery. Do not be late on the day of surgery. This could result in a delay or cancellation of your surgery.
Be sure to take any blood pressure medication and thyroid medication you normally take in the morning with a small sip of water on the morning of surgery.
Do not take any diabetes medication or insulin on the morning of surgery without explicit instructions from your surgeon.
You will need to stop  aspirin and anti-inflammatories medications seven days prior to the surgery. You will also need to stop any blood thinners you are taking prior to surgery but specific instructions about when to stop these medications should come from your surgeon.
Prior to the surgery your surgeon will come and mark the correct side of the surgery. This is done to prevent wrong site surgeries  and is an important part of the safety checklist.  This is also an opportunity to ask your surgeon any last minute questions you may have.