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Not meta-human… Meta-genome

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The meta-human concept is the fantasy of superhero story lines. It’s the idea of doing something others cannot. 
But we may already have that ability, in a sense. It’s the human meta-genome. And it’s on all of us… Our skin.
Our skin houses a unique mix of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. And Each of us has a mix of common skin species.
This mix is called community diversity. When it’s decreased, it’s an indicator of a disease state. 
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And just as our planet has varying environments, from tropical to desert and cold to hot… So does our skin.
Different parts have different microenvironments due to moisture, temperature, acidity/alkalinity, and oiliness.
And there are 18 different environments on our skin that have been classified. 
The oily surface on our forehead support lipophilic bacteria. The dry areas on our forearm host different organisms.  
It’s a possible explanation why skin diseases such as eczema are more likely to appear in the creases of our arms and legs while psoriasis on the elbows and knees.
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When pathogens, that’s the fungi, bacteria, and viruses that are harmful to us are exposed to our skin…
They must fight for a foothold against the already present community of organisms that are thriving in these environments.
And this community is impacted and fed by the soaps, moisturizers and creams we use.
So, next time you moisturize think this…You’re also providing a food source to your microbial garden. Your Meta Genome.