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Mastitis while nursing

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Infections can be common during lactation. 
Infections can happen due to tears in the skin during nursing or from bacteria entering the nipple ducts. 
Most of the time the infections are a mastitis which is an infection of the breast tissue without an associated fluid collection. 
Mastitis is typically treated with a course of oral antibiotics. 
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Severe cases of mastitis may require hospital admission with IV antibiotics
Mastitis is manifested by pain, swelling, and redness overlying the skin of the breast. 
Continue to nurse and pump regularly when you have mastitis. Use warm compresses over the area to help with inflammation. 
It is safe for babies to nurse or drink pumped milk when the mother has mastitis as long as the mother is not taking medications that may be harmful to the baby when transmitted through breast milk. 
If you think you may have mastitis, talk with your doctor about prompt evaluation and treatment