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Low Back Pain

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Low back pain is a common illness that affects millions of people around the world. It is estimated that around 70% of people with suffer from back pain in their lives.
Most commonly, symptoms include localized pain in the lower back which worsens with activity and movement. If the nerve is involved, it can cause pain to radiate down the legs.
Depending on the severity of nerve compression, symptoms may also include numbness or weakness.
There are numerous causes of back pain including simple strains, vertebral disc herniations, infections, inflammation, spinal canal narrowing, and tumors to name a few.
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While the majority of causes of low back pain are relatively benign such as a muscle strain, there are some “red flags” that indicate something more serious may be happening.
Infection of the spine is a life threatening cause of back pain. Risk factors for possible spinal infection
including intravenous drug use and being immunocompromised. Back pain with fevers require urgent evaluation.
Cancers can also cause low back pain, typically from involvement of the spine. Risk factors for cancer including age over 50 with a history of cancer, unexplained weight loss and failure to improve after four to six weeks.
Cauda equina syndrome occurs when the bundle of nerves in the lower spine is damaged.
This can lead to serious neurological deficits including loss of bowel and bladder control (or retention), numbness around the rectum and abnormal leg sensations and is a neurologic emergency.
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