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Lavender hair

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Hair loss… It affects millions. It’s more likely to affect men than women and it’s called alopecia. 
Treatments can include over-the-counter and prescription-based medications as well as photo therapy and Surgical procedures.
Yet, anecdotal evidence more than a centuries old points to something different…
Essential oils… Oils and essences derived from plants, flowers and wood. 
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Lavender was used in ancient Egypt as part of the process for mummifying bodies. 
And a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Dermatology looked at the effect of lavender oil and other oils for treating alopecia areata. 
Alopecia areata is characterized by random spots of hair loss in different parts of the body. It’s considered to be an auto immune problem where the body attacks hair follicles. 
In the study, participants massaged an essential oil blend into the scalp for two minutes a day for seven months.
The results? 44% of the participants who used the essential oil blend showed improvement with hair loss. One of the participants apparently had  complete regrowth, going from nearly fully bald to getting a full head of hair. 
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And what was in the essential oil blend? A mixture which included a very small amount (a few drops) of cedarwood, lavender, thyme, and rosemary oils added to a larger amount of carrier oils, in this case: jojoba and grapeseed. 
While no significant adverse events were reported, indicating topical scalp treatment is Safe… Taking oil’s by mouth may be poisonous… in other words, don’t eat it. 
There is some, limited, evidence that lavender oil may affect sex hormone activity.