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It’s time to red you... your rice

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We’ve heard of white rice and brown rice but now there’s also red rice.
It’s actually red yeast rice. It’s been used as a traditional Chinese food and as medicine. 
It’s also used to lower cholesterol as it can contain a compound that’s similar to Lovastatin, a cholesterol lowering drug. 
This compound, monacolin K, varies in concentration among different red yeast rice products. And this compound can interfere with other medications... including some drugs used to treat HIV. 
And quality matters, as lack of control in processing can result in the formation of citrinin, which may be harmful to humans. 
Red yeast rice may be an alternative to other cholesterol lowering drugs... for those who have difficulty with these drugs side effects.
But the FDA does not allow red yeast rice dietary supplements to contain a substantial amount of monacolin K.