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It’s Smart to Hear

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When we think of aging, many things may come to mind.
And one of those may be hearing, or the loss of it.
Another is cognitive decline. 
While our ears are used to sense sounds, it’s our brains that interpret and determine the meaning.
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So, unfortunately, if we lose our hearing we can also lose our brain power.
And a recent study looked at people on the lower range of normal hearing and the effect it had on their brain function. 
These were not people who would otherwise be diagnosed as having age related hearing loss.
The outcome was simple to interpret. It appears that as we lose any amount of hearing,  we are at risk of losing cognitive function, including learning and recall. 
Earwax, ear infections, loud noises from work, loud music, even snowmobiling and motorcycling can contribute to hearing loss.
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Even certain medications such as Viagra can damage the ear and affect hearing.