Dr. Vasundhara IyengarHematology & Oncology

Immunotherapy in a nutshell

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I will briefly describe immunotherapy in general, as this is becoming increasingly part of cancer treatment recently.
While it is not chemotherapy, it also has some similar side effects like chemo and has certain unique side effects.
Example inflammation in lungs causing pneumonia like condition, colitis causing diarrhea and affect function of thyroid pituitary glands etc. these are to be kept in mind and closely watched.
Most all side effects are treatable and reversible. But these can be severe and fatal at times. Thus while it is a new frontier and exciting alternative or complementary to chemo, it should be taken seriously and rendered by qualified MDs.
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Immunotherapy is becoming increasingly useful in multiple cancers and already approved in certain cancers. It is not however for all and not all cancers respond adequately.