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Hygiene guidelines for COVID-19: who’s it for, infected or uninflected ?

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There are different hygiene guidelines for COVID-19.
Face masks are for the infected. When the infected cough or speak, much of the respiratory droplets are caught by the mask.
Face masks are less protective in protecting the uninfected as air and respiratory droplets can enter through the sides of the mask.
N95 masks are the exception and are used by healthcare workers. These create a tight seal which does not allow droplets to enter.
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Hand washing protects the uninfected.
Social distancing...staying 6 feet away from others and avoiding crowded public places protects the uninfected.
Cleaning and disinfecting handles and surfaces protects the uninfected.
Not shaking dirty laundry protects the uninfected.
Staying healthy and keeping your immune system strong by getting enough sleep, managing stress, and avoiding excess alcohol protects the uninfected.