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Gut it Out… for Aging

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Our gut houses an estimated 30 trillion bacteria.
And there are more than 200 times the number of genes in our bacteria than in our own cells. 
But our bacteria, our “microbiota“ happens to evolve, even as we age.
In a recent study, when mice were given the microbiota from older mice, something unexpected happened.
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The mice receiving the microbiota had an increase in a hormone.
This hormone, FGF 21, is a pro longevity hormone that activates enzymes and genes  which support living longer.
There was also an increase in the number of brain cells in an area associated with long-term memory formation. 
And these results were replicated when the mice, instead of receiving the microbiota transfer, were given its by-product… sodium butyrate. 
Butyrate is also produced by the human body when it’s in ketosis...
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Which occurs during prolonged fasting, exercise, or a ketogenic diet.