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Get high off your own supply… Of cholesterol

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Heart disease continues to be the number one killer in the United States. It comes in different forms and the most common form is coronary artery disease. 
Coronary artery disease is the gradual narrowing or even blockage of the coronary arteries.
These are the very blood vessels that supply the heart, so that the heart can continue to perform it’s main duty - Supplying blood to the rest of our body. 
Our bodies require cholesterol. However, when cholesterol levels become too high it can stick to the walls inside of our arteries.
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The cholesterol we have travels throughout our body in our blood. There, it is carried by compounds called Lipoproteins. 
There are different types of Lipoproteins, with six that have been identified. One of these is considered good for us. It’s called HDL (High density lipoprotein).
HDL is considered a good cholesterol because it’s a measure of the cholesterol our bodies are getting rid of. 
And then there are the other five Lipoproteins. LDL is one of these. Traditional practice treatment and recommendations is to get this LDL low... to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. 
And this approach has persisted for the past several decades. However, the problem is even when LDL is aggressively treated, People are still at significant risk for adverse cardiovascular events and death. 
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But LDL is only one of the six Lipo proteins. So, instead of looking at just one Lipo proteins, why not consider all five of the Lipoproteins? (remember one of the Lipo proteins is good, HDL)
Collectively, these five lipoproteins represent the total cholesterol burden inside of our bodies. 
As a group, these can be called non-HDL cholesterol. It is a more comprehensive measure then just LDL and a much stronger predictor of future cardiovascular events. And it’s supported by several more recent and large studies. 
It’s also easy to calculate as it’s just your Total cholesterol minus your HDL cholesterol. And lower is better.