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Get Cacao’d

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Cacao, it’s the central ingredient in dark chocolate and it happens to have a very specific and beneficial set of compounds.
Their called Flavanols,  which have demonstrated positive affects on mental performance, physical performance, and even our appearance. 
Executive mental functions are mental skills that include aspects such as working memory, flexible thinking and self-control.
We use them to learn, work, focus and even handle our emotions.
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When given to healthy adults, research has demonstrated that when combined with aerobic exercise, flavanols further improve executive function. 
So, to get your mind prepared for high-level performance, try going for a brisk walk or other aerobic exercise and do it for 30 minutes.
But… Make sure you have some dark chocolate about an hour before you exercise. For chocolate lovers, this means getting the reward before the work. 
The fun doesn’t stop there, because research has also shown that the consumption of dark chocolate before exercise improves all out exercise performance.
By how much? About 17% more distance covered within two minutes by cyclists.
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Furthermore, the improved cardiovascular performance by the cyclists made it easier for them to do the exercise. 
Translation… Higher output with less effort. Perhaps you can have your cake and eat it too… If it’s dark chocolate. 
OK, higher executive mental function, lower effort to exercise, and higher exercise  output…from chocolate.
The fun doesn’t stop there because Flavanols may also make your skin look better.
In the form of improved wrinkles and skin elasticity.