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Faster french fries

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French fries… When they’re hot and crispy it’s oh so delicious. These might even be the best comfort food. 
But how it’s cooked matters. The higher the cooking time and the higher the temperature, the more ‘unfriendly’ fries become. 
Because of a compound called acrylamides. It’s formed whenever high carbohydrate foods are cooked at high temperatures.
And exposure to this compound affects our nervous system’s and reproductive systems.
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Resulting in muscle weakness, numbness in hands and feet, and clumsiness. It can also reduce male fertility, if there’s excessive exposure. It’s also a likely carcinogen. 
But if you are a french fry lover, there’s a very simple way out.
Studies show that simply soaking the raw potato slices in water, before it’s fried is an effective way of reducing the acrylamide levels in french fries. Just don’t over cook it.