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DCIS - Treatment

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Treatment for pure DCIS is dependent on several things. Surgery is almost always recommended.
Surgical options include removal of the entire breast (mastectomy) or just removal of the DCIS with a rim of normal tissue around it (lumpectomy).
The choice of surgery is dependent on several things:
• size of DCIS
• size of breast
• location of DCIS
• patient preference
The size of DCIS is important for surgical planning. The larger the DCIS, the larger the amount of breast tissue needing to be removed will be. In the case of a lumpectomy, as more tissue removed, a larger defect is left in the breast.
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The size of the  breast is important for surgical planning. The larger the breast the more likely that tissue removed will not be as noticeable.
The location of the DCIS is important for surgical planning.  There are areas of the breast that tolerate removal of tissue with a little cosmetic change And other areas where the defect can be very noticeable.
Patient preference is important for surgical planning. Some patients prefer removal of the breast over removal of the lump or vice versa.
Talk with your doctor about your diagnosis to determine which surgical options are right for you.