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Cheap food, expensive health

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Ultra processed foods cost less, last longer, and are convenient. It’s the foods that are “ready to eat“ or “ready to heat“. 
Ultra processed foods are typically higher in calories, salt, sugar, and fat. But what’s left?
It’s well-known in food chemistry… that  engineering goes into the food so that you keep craving… More.
So a recent study looked at the difference between ultra processed foods and minimally processed foods, where people were allowed to eat as much as they like - of one food type or the other. 
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The result? People who consumed only minimally processed foods ate approximately 500 less calories each day. 
And lost almost half a pound each week. The participants in the ultra processed food group gained 1 pound each week. 
Now, the cost: ultra processed foods cost $106 per week for every 2000 calories eaten per day. 
And minimally processed foods cost $151 for every 2000 cal.
Seems unfair, but is it? When adjusted for the lower calories consumed with the minimally processed diet (remember people ate less with minimally processed foods)...
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The cost reduced from $151 down to $113... A difference of seven dollars.