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Breast anatomy

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The breast is complex and includes many types of tissue and structures.
The two main structures that exist in the breast are the lobules and the ducts.  The lobules are the glands that produce milk. The ducts are the tubes that carry the milk to the nipple.

Other structures that are found within the breast are:

1.Blood vessels which deliver oxygen and nutrients to the breast tissue

2.  Lymph nodes which drain and filter fluid from the cells in the breast

3.  Fat which helps to cushion the breast tissue

4.  Connective tissue which connects all of the structures together
There is no muscle located in the breast, however the breast lies on top of muscle. This muscle is called the pectoralis muscle and is involved in arm movement and breathing.
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Any of these structures could develop cancerous changes or become injured from trauma. If you have any concerns, talk with your doctor.