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Brain power - stronger, faster

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Intelligence, cognitive decline, and dementia. For decades the understanding was that we lose brain cells overtime. And that our brains cannot change after adulthood. 
That our brains are fundamentally a non-renewable organ. That we are born with a limited number of brain cells that we slowly lose overtime. 
But then the concept of neural plasticity was discovered and established. It describes the ability for our brains to ‘grow’ by increasing the connections between our brain cells (synapses). 
What makes it exciting is that neuroplasticity is retained throughout our lifespan... throughout adulthood. 
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And we can directly influence neural plasticity through learning. Learning a new language, a new skill, or new subject matter…
Creates new and stronger synapses in our brains. But there’s a missing aspect… it’s how well and how fast signals go through our brain cells and through the synapses. 
For that, we have a substance in our brain cells called myelin. It’s akin to the insulation used in wires. When neurons are fully myelinated along their length...
impulses travel many times faster. And newer research is showing that when we learn something new, we not only increase our synapses but might also be increasing the cells that produce myelin. 
Lifelong learning for brain power. Stronger… Yes. Faster… Maybe. What do you have to lose by learning?