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B’s for Canker Sores

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Canker sores are also called aphthous ulcers. These are painful and are found in the mouth - tongue, gums, and soft tissue. 
Canker sores are not contagious but can make talking and eating quite difficult. 
While the cause of canker sores is not clear,  it can be triggered by different things. 
Certain foods and oral hygiene products can pose as a trigger. 
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If you notice a canker sore after eating a particular food, such as citrus fruits or other acidic fruits and vegetables, you may have a culprit. 
A simple mouth rinse with water may prevent the sore from occurring, if done just after eating a canker sore triggering food. 
Toothpastes and mouth rinses can also be a trigger if these contain a compound called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. 
Manufactures use different names for this compound. According to the EWG cosmetics database:
Monododecyl ester sodium salt, sodium dodecyl sulfate, sodium salt, akyposal SDS, and many more. 
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If you are concerned about these oral hygiene products, it’s easiest to look for products that state “SLS Free”. 
In a study published in Evidence Based Dentistry, people who had recurring canker sores and used vitamin B 12 supplements had fewer outbreaks, less pain, and faster recovery.