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B’s and Breast Cancer

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Did you know as humans we have our own cancer prevention machinery, inside our cells? 
We do, and when it comes to breast cancer - which affects women and men - there are two important genes. 
Their called Breast Cancer genes that each of us have - BRCA1 and BRCA2. 
These genes make certain proteins, known as tumor suppressor proteins, which repair our DNA when damaged. 
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When either of these genes are altered, we can lose the ability to repair the DNA damage. 
This increases our risk for cancer. 
For some, the altered genes are inherited mutations - meaning we get it from our parents. 
But that doesn’t mean we are defenseless. 
A recent study published in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment examined the effect of two B Vitamins and Breast Cancer risk. 
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The findings: women who used any folate supplement had a decrease risk of breast cancer, if there was a BRCA1 mutation. 
And women who had moderate use of a vitamin B 12 supplement also had a decrease risk of breast cancer.
Both of these results are compared to people who never took any B12 or folate supplements. 
Conclusion? B’s can be good for breast health. (B12 and folate).