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Are you hot for cholesterol?

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Cholesterol is necessary for life. It is found in every cell inside of our body and is used to do many things. 
This includes making hormones, vitamin D, and to help digest the food we eat. 
But if we have too much cholesterol, it can combine with other compounds and turn into plaques inside of our arteries.
And this could lead to the complete blockage of blood flow to our heart or brain. 
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The cholesterol in our blood is carried by transporters called lipoproteins. There are several different lipoproteins. 
And one of these is called LDL and in general, lower is better. Statins are a class of drugs commonly prescribed to lower LDL. 
What does Sauna use do to LDL? 
The early evidence is very promising…
Studies in men and women show a decrease in LDL cholesterol between 10% to 15%, after just a few weeks of regular sauna use.