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Acai - Just the Facts

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It’s a reddish purple fruit that comes from a palm tree that’s native to Central and South America.
Many people eat it as a fruit or drink it as a juice.
Predicted to be a multi-billion dollar market, açai is widely sold in a variety of products and touted as being a super food.
Yet, to date, there is very little research that has been done to determine the health effects of açai in people.
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However, one preliminary study showed that eating the fruit might reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels for people who are overweight.
Açaí may also act as an anti-oxidant, compounds that protect cells against specific types of damage.
There is the possibility that consuming açaí  may interfere with MRI test results.
It has even been used experimentally as an oral contrast agent for MRIs. 
As a berry with a deep rich color, it’s a source of “good for you” plant chemicals.
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It may not be a superfood, but it can certainly be part of a super healthy lifestyle.