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5 ways to prevent COVID 19: A Satirical Response

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A satirical response in light of something that’s very scary...5 things to do:
1) Get Elon Musk to accelerate Mars colonization. If everyone has to wear a mask then Coronavirus does not spread.
2) Get your own blimp and live in high altitude where other people can’t breathe on you.
3) Make bubble suits the newest fashion trend.
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4) Launch a social education course to “say it don’t spray it”
5) Wear gloves and a t-shirt that says “I’ve got COVID so can you” and everyone will stay more than 6 feet away from you. (BTW I’m still looking for the “T” on my t-shirts but all I see is “L” and “XL”)
The real answer is early identification and containment, hygiene, and an effective vaccine.