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have a major healthcare advantage. No, it's not my insurance. It's my wife and she is a physician. When something is wrong with anyone in my family, we know who to go to for care. We know - who is the right doctor.

It's because she knows the physicians who are very good. If not, she knows a physician we can ask: "Who would you go to, who do you recommend... when it is your loved one?"

At Agordia, we have a way to bring that same advantage to anyone. It's the Physician Storefront. And we can do it in a way that has never been done before.

Physicians have a major healthcare disadvantage. No, it's not medicine. It's autonomy. Physicians go to medical school, not documentation school. But an average of 50 days a year is spent on documentation. That's time that could be spent helping patients and helping themselves... to get better. And when 4 out of 5 physicians are experiencing burnout, something is wrong. Simple has become complex... easy has become hard.

At Agordia, we have a way to make things simpler and easier. It's the Physician Storefront. Communicating with colleagues via messaging, video, and phone; Getting recognized for individual excellence; Finding physician experts for consults on difficult cases; Advertising your skills to prospective patients; all in a way that has never been done before.

We can improve the health of healthcare.

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—Bobby, CEO

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