About Us

At Agordia, we are committed to making healthcare easier. Regaining lost health is already difficult but getting access to the right care and the right health information – for you – need not be so. We also recognize that improving your health, even if you are already healthy, is important.

We have faced the same challenges, so we want to improve it for everyone.

We start with agordia.com as a health information and education destination. Using eBytes, we want to enable any healthcare provider to contribute their perspectives and knowledge on different health problems and performance.

What are eBytes? Simply, these are baby books made for people. We realize it is not necessary for everyone to go through the technical jargon and complex speak that is native to healthcare providers. It is also true that a picture can speak a thousand words, so eBytes are image dominant short stories with a simple, shorter text – to make it easier for the rest of us to understand the concepts and what is important. We have noticed that eBytes are easier and faster to read, which simplifies getting the answers and knowledge you seek… while fitting it in with your busy, everyday life.

Health is an ongoing state of the human condition, and as such Agordia is not limited to information and education regarding diseases and injuries. For those of you who pursue optimizing your health, entertain the notion of becoming ‘super’ human; be it for the physical or the intellectual pursuits – then we want to bring that information into Agordia.

Our mission is to provide you with agordia.com – an informative place to understand how to heal, improve, and surpass – to become the best version of you.

Founder and CEO