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5 star reviews are for shops and salons, not doctor clinical care

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8 out of 10 people value a trusted recommendation more than a typical online rating

Judging how well doctors help improve and save lives requires an understanding of clinical and associated skills

In a court of law, expert witnesses are brought in to interpret technical aspects of a case.

This includes doctors. So, doctors are established experts.

See what doctors have to say about other doctors.

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See who doctors go to for care, when its for themselves or loved ones.

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Dr. Google can lead to information overload and confusion. Nearly half of people go to multiple websites to get health information.

Most of the health information available online is not written by specialized experts, the experts who diagnose and treat specific problems…for a living. Just look at the author’s credentials.

eBytes are short, story like health topics answered by doctors. And several doctors can answer the same health topic.

It’s the equivalent of a 2nd opinion for online health information. And a 3rd, 4th…

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